The Studio Skills sessions is a complementary module that works vertically along the three years of BA in Architecture. We have been developing and holding workshops and talks with BA1 and BA2 years, emphasising analogue and digital methods in approaching architectural design. This year, the BA3 students’ skills have been organised as inspirational talks to guide them further in their studies and careers.

The Studio Skills are thought as an extension of a typical Studio day, in which students experiment with various techniques to produce work at a fast pace whilst improving their design skills. We encourage students to engage as much as possible and see the Skills sessions as a blank page sketchbook where every idea and attempt is valuable.

This year the Skills workshop results have been disseminated through four different channels: sharing the workshop results through the MIRO boards, regularly updating the MMUtube Studio Skills talks playlist, uploading them on the MSA Studio Skills Instagram page, and introducing the first BA Studio Skills newsletter. The latter is periodically shared across the school, featuring Workshop outputs, Studio Skills talks, and a recap of the past Skills sessions. All the above-named channels helped establish a useful and easy to access archive used by students across the BA years and beyond. This year has been filled with a manner of explorations within analogue and digital medium, a small sample is on display here.

BA Studio Skills on Instagram

BA1 Studio Skills playlist

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BA2 Studio Skills playlist

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BA3 Studio Skills Inspirational talk

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