Graduated in architecture in 2004 at “La Sapienza” University in Rome, Master degree in Architecture. He was awarded a PhD scholarship in Architecture and Theory at “La Sapienza” and he developed part of his PhD dissertation research at the UCLA Department of Architecture & Urban Design, in Los Angeles (CA).

He was an Adjunct professor at the EU Five Year Master course in Architecture of “La Sapienza”, in Rome. Between 2005 and 2011 he was co-founder of the ‘ungroup’ Architecture office based in Rome; during this period he took part in numerous national and international competitions some of which were awarded prizes and shown in international exhibitions.

From October 2011 until April 2020 he was a full time Lecturer at POLIS University in Tirana (AL), where he was Dean of the School of Planning and Urban Design. At POLIS University he was also PhD programme supervisor for the International Joint PhD Program in Architecture and Urban Planning with Ferrara University and POLIS University, and Head of the Applied Research Unit Observatory of the Mediterranean Basin (OMB). In January 2015 he was Visiting Faculty Member at UCLA Department of Architecture & Urban Design, in Los Angeles (CA).

Currently he is Senior Lecturer at Manchester School of Architecture (MSA). His research is focused on Architecture and Urban Design, especially in the relationship between architecture and interrupted urban processes.


Book Chapters

Rossi, L., 2018. 'Fragments as methodology / an overview of OMB's research'. In Rossi, L., Aliaj, B., Porfido, E. (eds.) Projecting Shkodra Operative Fragments Between Lake, River and Sea : a Project Developed in the Framework of the International Doctorate in Architecture and Urban Planning IDAUP, Polis University, Albania, pp. 12-21, POLIS Press, Tirana (AL).

Journal Articles

Rossi, L., Pedata, L., Porfido, E., Resta, G., 2018. 'Fragile Edges and Floating Strategies along the Albanian Coastline', The Plan Journal, 2 (2), pp. 685-705.

Conference Papers

Rossi, L., 2017. 'From Nolli Map to Tirana Hidden. Historical fiction as contemporary urban design approach', 105th ACSA Annual Meeting | Brooklyn says "Move to Detroit", Detroit, Michigan, 23/3/2017 - 25/3/2017, in ACSA Press, pp. 135-141.