The Studio Skills sessions are an exciting platform where students experiment with a variety of techniques in order to produce work at a fast pace, whilst improving their design skills. This year, the Studio Skills sessions were organised to generate creative inputs from analogue experiences and collect a series of design tools pertinent to the BA Studio projects. The main objective was to develop a way of thinking whereby the Skills workshop is conceived as a continuation of the typical Design Studio experience.

‘Developing by making’ has been the critical approach adopted in the Studio Skills by transforming the students' act of mere drawing /making into an iterative design process. As if they were in an architectural office, the students had the opportunity to enrich their Design Journal by collecting several instruments from a range of expertise and tutors. Students were engaged in various Skills activities, such as: exploring the photo collage technique, analysing a site, working with city fragments, learning by redrawing, modelmaking and photographing and most importantly testing their ideas and approach. Initially devised as a BA2 Studio support, it quickly became a comprehensive platform for all three BA years.

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