This academic year has undoubtably been unusual and so first of all we would like to pay testament to the hard work and dedication of the students and staff alike. The quality, work and professionalism of the student body to continue driving forward and produce such a high standard of outputs speaks volumes of the third-year students at MSA.

The BA3 students have once again this year been able to diversify and begin specialising through selecting one of nine Humanities Electives and seven Studio Ateliers, the latter of which have also flavoured the great work students have undertaken as part of their Technologies unit. Throughout the year students have been actively encouraged to take a position which has been informed by both the Studio Atelier and Humanities Electives. These have helped students to respond to wider societal and climate change agendas in their design projects. The students are also exposed to different approaches through year wide events, such as the Atelier Question Time where students from across the year ask questions of the Atelier leads, challenging methods, approaches and matters of concern. Students also engage in Cross Atelier Reviews, where they get to see and discuss the work of students in other Ateliers and get feedback from studio staff across the year. Students have also been actively supported by a fantastic team of tutors from architecture practice and consultants such as engineers, design managers and technical consultants, all of whom bring a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge.

BA3 also has a focus towards employability and practice, which sits as part of the Professional Studies Lecture Series. The series asks students to think about the kind of architect or practitioner they may want to be and in what areas of the industry they may want to work. This series of outward facing dialogues, asks students to reflect on what concerns them as citizens and consider the role the architecture profession has in building a more diverse, conscientious and equitable society. This lecture series is also supported by a series of employability events such as the Employers Question Time, CV Writing lectures and support, social media events and the Careers Readiness Week, through which students can network with architects and potential employers.

The end of year show is just a snapshot of the diverse and complex projects that the BA3 students have carried out throughout the year. We wish them all the very best with their future endeavours.

BA3 Ateliers