Siobhán is the leader of the Biomimetic BArch Studio Unit whose research is concerned with notions of ecological design and how contemporary ideologies may be translated into living systems with a future, rather than future living systems. Employing research by design methodologies, the unit embraces digital design technologies developed and applied in the framework of biologically inspired processes. Put simply, nature is the largest design laboratory that ever existed and ever will. While Biomimetics does not exclude emulating form, we are interested in the processes and systems in which all design resides.

Siobhán’s PhD research is primarily concerned with the relationship between processes of evolutionary and ecotonal adaptation, biomimesis, and bioclimatic architecture. Her MA thesis explored the principles and practices of a multi-scalar Bioclimatic Healthcare Model, a synergistic ecosystem of micro niches balancing patient perception and clinical needs.

She also lectures and teaches on undergraduate courses within the School, has presented internationally and has consulted on sustainable development strategies for both architectural practice and regional government.



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Other Outputs

Barry, SCM., Pugh, C., 2014. 'Digital Design & Fabrication Symposium'.