Paul is a tutor in the Infrastructure Space Atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture.

Paul trained and qualified as an architect (BA, BArch & Diploma) at the University of Liverpool in 2001. He proceeded to work in architectural practice for several years in Manchester where he became an award-winning architect for his work on the first Kids Allowed children’s nursery in 2005. After completing his master’s degree in urban design at MSA he joined OMF Cambodia, a Christian charity, and relocated to Southeast Asia to live in the city of Phnom Penh in 2008. Here, he was seconded to the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) and became head lecturer of Urban Design from 2008-2017. In partnership with Khmer colleagues, he developed a 12-month ‘Introduction to Urban Design course’ and wrote two bilingual (Khmer and English) textbooks to support this. The course continues to be taught today and is recognised as one of the leading urban design courses in Cambodia. In 2014, he commenced a PhD which explored the relationship between spirituality and urban design with specific reference to the city of Phnom Penh. He completed this in 2020 through the University of Liverpool.

In 2018, he relocated to Manchester with OMF UK in the role of Director of Mobilisation and Media, in addition he also worked intermittently as a visiting tutor to 4th year architecture students at the University of Liverpool. Since then, he has annually returned to Phnom Penh to run architectural workshops and deliver lectures in postgraduate studies at RUFA. In 2022 he commenced two consecutive post doctorates with the University of Liverpool. The first produced a scoping report that identified North-West located West Africa related archives, information sources and research projects. The second, explored the architectural production and urban design influence of the United Africa Company (UAC) with a particular focus on the city of Freetown in Sierra Leone; an architectural gazetteer related to the work is being developed for publication.


Research Interests

Paul’s current research interest is in Southeast Asian architecture and urban design (particularly Cambodia) and its evolving relationship with culture, post-colonialism, topography, and spirituality. Parallel to this is an interest in developing intercultural communication in architectural research and design practice.

Journal Articles

Robinson, P., 2020, An Exploration into the Spatial Impact of Spirituality within Khmer Dwellings. MRT Journal Paper (Vo15:3), pp. 22-29

Thesis & Dissertations

Robinson, P., 2020, An exploration into the relationship between spirituality and urban design with specific reference to Phnom Penh.