Lara Gerrard is a workshop technician in the B.15 Modelmaking Workshop at the Manchester School of Architecture. She began her technical career in 2017 as a workshop technician at the Liverpool School of Architecture where she worked across many areas linked to model making including, manual fabrication workshop, laser cutting and 3D printing. She is also an alumni of The Herschel Programme for women in technical leadership. Prior to this Lara obtained a degree in Three Dimensional Design at the Manchester School of Art in 2015. Through her degree she worked with a wide range of materials and processes specialising in sustainable and eco materials in her final year.

Lara’s interests lie in being creative and encouraging creativity throughout the design process. She enjoys being innovative and exploring the most appropriate material and process for the project. She has also created a small workshop at home with a laser cutter working on personal projects and small commissions of home decor.

Lara is looking forward to working with students in B.15 to help support their project ambitions and ensure a safe and creative place in which to work.