Since 2019, Kim Förster is Lecturer in Architectural Studies at The University of Manchester and member of the Manchester Architecture Research Group (MARG). In his work Förster focusses on social, cultural, political, and economic issues in relation to architecture in a broad sense, as object and process, a critical perspective on architectural institutions, cultural production, and alternative pedagogy since the 1960s, and more broadly the histories and theory of architecture in 19th and 20th century. His current project deals with architecture and the environment, i.e. notions of ecology, archives of energy transition, and the politics and economies of sustainability at different spatial scales over the last five decades. Exploring these complex, often ambiguous, if not paradoxical issues from a interdisciplinary perspective, having an academic background in English and American Studies, Geography and Pedagogy, he bases his socio-historical research on institutional analysis and discourse analysis, archival research and oral history.

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