I am a chartered architect (ARB, RIBA), accredited conservation professional (IHBC), and Lecturer in Architecture at the Manchester School of Architecture (FHEA). My research is concerned with the theory, methods, and practice of architectural conservation and adaptive reuse, and I have published widely on the dynamic between architectural conservation and critical heritage theory/intangible heritage.

I am currently the BA3 Lead for the Continuity in Architecture atelier, which teaches the process of understanding the specific qualities of place to develop new architectural elements and foster new uses for historic buildings and sites.

Before joining the Manchester School of Architecture, I worked for nearly ten years in architectural practice on both new build and conservation/reuse projects (Grade II and II*). The majority of my experience in practice involved the preparation of planning, tender and construction documentation for listed buildings, including on-site coordination/delivery (RIBA Stages 3-6).

Academic and professional qualifications

  • 2021  PhD, Manchester School of Architecture
  • 2020  PGCert, Learning & Teaching in HE, MMU
  • 2018  MSc, Building Conservation & Adaptation, UCLan
  • 2011  Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice, RIBA NW
  • 2010  B.Arch Bachelor of Architecture, MSA
  • 2009  MA, Architecture & Urbanism, MSA
  • 2007  BA(hons) Architecture, MSA

Membership of professional associations

  • 2020  Member, Association of Critical Heritage Studies
  • 2020  Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  • 2018  Accredited Member, Institute of Historic Building Conservation
  • 2016  Conservation Registrant (CR), RIBA
  • 2014  Chartered Architect, RIBA
  • 2011  Registered Architect, ARB


Research Interests

My AHRC funded PhD thesis and peer-reviewed outputs focus on a critical deconstruction of traditional architectural conservation theory and practice, by reinterpreting architectural heritage, conservation and adaptive reuse, as inherently social, dynamic and intangible processes.

By engaging with critical themes in heritage and conservation studies, my research proposes contemporary pluralistic issues concerning social equity, equality, and mental access to heritage, can be resolved by encouraging built heritage practitioners to see themselves as narrators of intangible heritage as well as custodians of physical heritage.

My research has attracted invited talks to established architectural practices, the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC), and the RIBA Advanced Conservation Course, where I regularly lecture as an RIBA Academy Panellist on intangible heritage and its relationship to historic buildings.


2018  AHRC North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (Full Award) £44,331


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Djabarouti, J., 2010. Sound-Map City, Xuzhou Art Museum, Jiangsu, China, 14/5/2010 - 14/7/2010.

Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

Djabarouti, J., 2021. 'Building conservation as memory-making practice', The Place of Memory and the Memory of Place International Conference, London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, London, 19/6/2021 - 20/6/2021.

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Theses and Dissertations

Djabarouti, J., 2018. 'Conservation Education: Examining the impact of a pedagogic interface between the practical and theoretical aspects of building conservation'.