I can't quite place the time when I started to look at things differently. Certainly I developed an appreciation of the wild landscapes of Britain in my early youth, guided by an extremely eccentric school teacher! Their biological and human complexity was lost on me at that age, but what stayed with me was that these were places of magnificence, where humans and nature, formed a new dynamic, very different from the suburbs, where I was brought up.

My education as a landscape designer provided an outlet for my dreams and imagination and stimulated my curiosity about this relationship and how it could be expressed in the very different environments of the city and its hinterland.I have attempted to define some of these ideas, through both public and private design practice, from the design of small gardens to larger public schemes.

Ultimately though, it is teaching which allows me the greatest opportunity to explore these ideas, through interaction with students in a studio environment. I find the exposure to the raw energy of student thinking, stimulating and challenging in equal measure. Unlocking students minds, challenging their assumptions, thinking the unthinkable, encouraging them to rigorously test and justify their design ideas is all part of the process in formulating their own journey of discovery of the dynamic of humans and nature as expressed through landscape architecture.

Academic service (administration and management)

Admissions Tutor and Socrates Coordinator.