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The aim of this project is to further develop innovative technologies for connected autonomous vehicles to accelerate adoption of driverless vehicles and allied technologies in the UK. This project will introduce innovative technologies to operate connected autonomous cars in a platoon formation from Stockport directly to the arrivals terminal at Manchester Airport. Project Synergy will facilitate inclusive accessible transport for the aged and the visually impaired. This project will lead to the formation of new business models to improve mobility and the environment whilst providing economic growth through new job and business creation.

The [CPU]lab/MMU (£278,547.00) developed a digital simulation model for Manchester Airport to test different modes of transport: future CAV rapid personal transport system against the existing Taxi system.

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Ulysses Sengupta, Solon Solomou, Sigita Zigure, Rob Hyde

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Innovate UK


Westfield Sports Cars Ltd, Heathrow Enterprises Limited, Manchester City Council, Stockport, Metropolitan Borough Council, Fusion Processing Limited, Transport for Greater Manchester, Cisco International Ltd, Manchester Metropolitan University, Conigital Limited, Harper Adams University

Project Staff

Rob Hyde
Rob Hyde Senior Lecturer View profile
Professor Ulysses Sengupta
Professor Ulysses Sengupta Professor of Architecture and Urbanism View profile