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This project developed a DEAS focused prototype model for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) integration in Greater Manchester (GM).

DEAS: This £1.4m EPSRC-funded NetworkPlus brings together a vibrant community that will position the UK as the internationally leading research hub for Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services. Rather than focus on the product or service that is delivered Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services (DEAS) focus on how the product or service is used.

Greater Manchester (GM) poses a challenging case in the context of digitally driven mobility transitions - involving institutional and technical change - characterised by multiple modes of public transport and multiple competing service providers. The approach identified the barriers, initiatives and attitudes surrounding an initially hypothesised MaaS prototype. Emergent innovations with capability to disrupt or enhance services - such as on-demand mobility, sharing, and micro-mobility - were included in the study.

The research created a DEAS influenced MaaS Prototype Model for Greater Manchester. The model incorporates the visions and preferences from a range of stakeholders from Greater Manchester including local government, transport operators/consultants, and users. The model has the capacity to function through a central management system (centralised scenario), but still enables peer to peer communication for lending of personal assets (decentralised scenario).

By working directly with Greater Manchester’s Transport Authority TfGM, and their stakeholders (other departments and service providers) the MaaS prototype for TfGM provides feedback directly to the policy making body who are currently in the process of developing the MaaS strategies for Greater Manchester. The method used in the workshops provides a current, short–term and long-term futures perspective on technologies, services provision and usage preference (resident survey) for a MaaS solution that is specific to Greater Manchester, but can be replicated (in terms of process to findings) elsewhere. TfGM a project partner will incorporate the findings of the project into their strategic policy development.

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Ulysses Sengupta, Solon Solomou, Mahmud Tantoush, Sigita Zigure


Ulysses Sengupta


New Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) model for Greater Manchester (GM).


Greater Manchester


DEAS NetworkPlus

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University of Exeter


Transport for Greater Manchester

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Conference Papers

Zigure, S., Tantoush, M., Solomou, S., Sengupta, U., 2021. 'DEAS Network Plus Transportation and Mobility Projects 2020 - MaaS Prototype for TfGM', DEAS Research Seminar Series - transportation and mobility, Exeter, UK.

Tantoush, M., Zigure, S., Solomou, S., Sengupta, U., 2021. 'Participatory Backcasting for Achieving Desired Co-produced Mobility Futures: A Case Study of MaaS in Greater Manchester', NEST Conference 2021: Sustainability Transition pathways, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Zigure, S., Tantoush, M., Solomou, S., Sengupta, U., 2021. 'Participatory Backcasting for Achieving Desired Co-produced Mobility Futures: A Case Study of MaaS in Greater Manchester', Data for Policy 2021 special track Systemic engagement: Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and the design challenge of inclusion, sustainability, and data ownership, London, UK.

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Professor Ulysses Sengupta
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