Spatial Study

Building on the cross-thematic spatial analysis and multi-disciplinary approach adopted in the study of the Highland: Hyper-Dispersed City, this project was commissioned as part of the ‘Smart and Well’ project working alongside Cornwall LEP and the Satellite Applications Catapult UK. The focus of the project was to develop spatial analysis techniques whilst investigating spatial conditions and infrastructural issues attributed to significant seasonal population flux across Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.

Foregrounding the capacity digital communications to respond to spatial and physical conditions, the work was published in Data Mapping Cornwall in March 2018 (Jefferies, Coucill, Morton, Csepely-Knorr, 2018). A conference held in Newquay provided a forum for discussing contrasting and competing goals, interests and objectives. The use of visual aids produced through data mapping demonstrated how patterns of use might affect spatial performance and offered a platform to reconcile some of these ideals and objectives.

The work exposed that through digital networks, in conjunction with physical infrastructures, the region has evolved towards performing like the idealised urban model of the Garden City proposed by Ebenezer Howard (1898).

Analysis continues to provide a context for developing innovative, digital approaches to service and physical infrastructure by SME’s working with the ‘Smart and Well’ project.

Project Details


Coucill, L; Jefferies, T


Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

Project Start Date

September 2017

Project End Date

August 2018




Satellite Application Catapult UK


Cornwall LEP, Falmouth University


Prof. Tom Jefferies, Dr. Laura Coucill, Richard Morton, Lisa Kinch, Kevin Logan.

Project Staff