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Remember Reveal Construct (Routledge, 2020) is a book and research project which will explore how context can generate architectural difference, and from this discuss how contemporary architectural design can exploit this disparity and distinction. All architecture has a direct relationship with its site, and because of this connection with the land, all buildings are different. Even slight changes in context can have a dramatic influence upon the character of the building, while greater variance can generate considerable difference.

Taking an international perspective, Remember Reveal Construct will explore the ideas that underpin the design of contemporary architecture with particular reference to buildings that contain an explicit relationship with their context. The book is organised into three sections, which reflects the tri-part nature of the title. These large chapters will be sub-divided into corresponding sections, each of which discuss the focus of the chapter from a different perspective. Remember will look at methods of enquiry and explore projects that have exploited that investigation. Reveal concentrates upon the analysis and interpretation of place, while Construct discusses the manner in which contextual buildings are assembled.

All of the chapters will include a selection of diagrams, sketches and analytical drawings. The research project aims to be varied and distinct by collecting together a number of important essays that have already been written about the subject and combining them with new work, edited conversations and highly illustrated examples, both architectural and academic. The focus in each case is on the process of analysis and implementation and not the finished product. Each chapter will be carefully narrated by the authors with the essays, projects and conversations introduced and connected.

Project Details


Sally Stone, Laura Sanderson



Research Outputs


Stone, S.H., 2024. Continuity in Architecture, GMex, Manchester.

Stone, S.H., 2024. LITTORAL INSPIRATIONS: ENCOUNTERS WITH THE LAGOON Continuity in Architecture Exhibition showing the work cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional projects generated at the HAULuP Workshop 2013, Benzie Gallery 2014.

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Sanderson, L., Stone, S.H., 2021. 'Remember, Reveal, Construct : Reflections upon the Contingency, Usefulness and Emotional Resonance of Architecture, Buildings and Context.', Routledge.

Book Chapters

Stone, S.H., 2014. 'Identification and Place'. In HAULuP.

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Conference Papers

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Other Outputs

Stone, S.H., 2024. '"Heritage and Architecture of Urban Landscape under Production"'.

Stone, S.H., 2024. '"The City, the Building, The Room"'.

stone, S., 2024. 'Continuity in Architecture'.

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Professor Sally Stone
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