In USE each student is encouraged to form an individual concept based on a thorough site analysis. The projects follow a (personal) narrative that is born out of the site’s history and its inherent potential which is developed through all design stages.

The Atelier explores the boundaries of architectural practice and utilizes the techniques and working methods of other creative disciplines in particular fine art. The topic for this year was to develop projects and spatial strategies that explored Resistance. This theme ran throughout the atelier in all cohorts.

The initial spatial context for the exploration of the topic was centred along and beside the Fallowfield Loopline (The Fallowfield Loop or Floop). Built upon the remnants of a decommissioned railway line, the Floop now forms part of the National Cycle Network running the breadth of Manchester. Multiple eras of housing, industrial and natural elements exist along the eastern part of the Floop including the ancient Nico Ditch, the secret lake, and infrastructure in the form of Thirlmere Aqueduct and several reservoirs.

Year 6

Professional Studies

Professional Studies 1

For PS1, USE developed housing strategies on a site adjacent to the Fallowfield Loopline near to the informally named Secret Lake. The task was to develop a new type of home that explored the potentials of this diverse site which has been subject to the forces of economic flux resulting in the current context of small industrial sites, 20th century housing estates, sports grounds, brownfield sites and places of indeterminate ownership and function, such as the ex-industrial Secret Lake itself.

Students developed new types of communal living that responded to our current political, and economic climate, as well as environmental issues and the pandemic crisis of COVID 19. Proposals ranged from multiple houses, to high density flats that explored opportunities in line with the overall topic of “Resistance”. All proposals aimed to implement a symbiosis between the industrial nature of the site and a new form of residential development. True to the atelier’s approach, buildings expressed a poetic quality that enhanced the eclectic nature of the area.

Professional Studies 2

This year, the USE PS2 brief asked the students to explore the potential reuse of Gorton House, a Grade II listed building in Greater Manchester. Students were tasked with questioning the value and relevance of the structure by considering its historic, environmental, and social context. Situated near the Fallowfield Loop, Gorton House stands at the southern end of Gorton Lower Reservoir. Built by an early Manchester industrialist, it was once an important social landmark but now exists in a dilapidated and perilous state with its future in doubt.

Led by thorough research, student proposals included bird sanctuaries, workshops, bathhouses, and art galleries. All solutions were encouraged to adopt sustainable technologies whilst maintaining a poetic and artistic approach within their narrative. Each project used experimental methodologies to create solutions to their developed brief and sought to enhance the landscape of the reservoir setting, whilst furthering USE atelier values.


Year 5

Angel Maria Cunningham, Angharad Jones, Anna Maria Bezulska, Anya Lock, Cameron Smith, Charlotte Emma Stone, Christina Markaki, Daniel Collinson, Diana-Tamara Savin, Elliot Flynn, Eva Filose, George Leon Cosbuc, Grace Corris, Haoran Jiang, Jake Edward Jack Tamminen, Jian Gao, Jordan Hin Ho Wong, Karolina Vachalova, Keyan Li, Kyra Anne Jennings, Lian Luo, Lingxi Tao, Lucy Goodier, Madeleine Adams, Nosheen Aslam, Nur Farah Afiqah Binti Mohd Rosol Khudus, Nurhassanah Binti Kissmi, Oliver Meads, Qixian Zhang, Raussell-Vince Mendigo, Rebecca Beer, Siqi Guo, Sofia Aida Maaria Pamilo, Taha K A Abdelmajied Aldibani, Tejin Palan, Theodore Mark Fisher, Xiaowen Liang, Xinzi Deng, Zichen Li.

Year 6

Patricia Belcin, Cho Yee Jason Cheung, Francis Croll, Abbey Donnelly, Tianyuan Hu, Tom Keen, Joe Kelleher, Hamza Khan, Shaw I Labrianidis-Kenny, Aron Lewer, Hui Lu, Mangting Lyu, Christopher Mcmanigan, Filippo Mecheri, Patrick Millar, Kieron O'Sullivan, Jemima Osborne, Shuo Pan, Anna Rezin, James Robinson, Mike Rostock, Muhamad Adha Salim, Tobi Sobowale, Junfu Xiao, Yimeng Zhao