ASP 2020 was a one-day, collaborative, mixed year, online, student-led project.

The MSA All School Project is the first project of each academic year. This year we created 65 temporary mixed-year collectives from BA, MArch and MLA to engage in full collaboration.

By September, 2020 had already been an extraordinary year. In recognition of this, MSA staff and students jointly developed a one day project in 3 parts. Session 1, ‘How can we connect when we’re apart?’ asked each student to produce an image of the view from their window. Session 2, ‘Black Lives Matter: ASP x BLM_Arch@MSA’ facilitated discussions around the BLM movement in relation to architecture. Session 3, ‘Wellbeing in Architecture: ASP x MSA&U’, focussed on wellbeing in architecture and design.

We used Instagram as the means of submission or publication for the ASP work this year. Not only did this allow our students and staff to find each other no matter which group they were part of for the ASP, but it also sent out a message beyond the MSA.

You can see some of the submissions below and on Instagram by searching #msa_asp2020.