Current PhD projects / Manchester Metropolitan University

Joy Burgess
Joy Burgess Uncovering the Role of Women in Post-War Landscape Architecture in Britain More details
Hannah Dixon
Hannah Dixon Retrofitting Neighbourhoods More details
Johnathan Djabarouti
Johnathan Djabarouti The impact of intangible heritage on architectural and building conservation practices: a socio-material outlook More details
Charlotte McLean
Charlotte McLean Landscape Planning, Infrastructure and Ecology: Scottish Landscape Architecture through the work of Mark Turnbull (1943-1916) More details
Mahmud Tantoush
Mahmud Tantoush Urban Morphology in the Big Data age: Exploring Aspects of Urban Form through Crowdsourced Urban Data More details
Gunter Wehmeyer
Gunter Wehmeyer Design Flourishing: Flourishing with Nature in Emerging Design More details

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