In 2017 Lucy joined Manchester School of Architecture as Senior Lecturer with the remit to expand connections between industry and academia. Her research focuses on the relationship between theory and praxis in the built environment, the use of tacit knowledge in the design process and practice-based/design-led research methodologies.

She is currently writing her first research monograph - a book co-authored with David Rudlin - about how paradigms in the field of urban design have developed through drawing, to be published by Routledge in 2020. Having spent the last decade working internationally on methodological approaches to integrate practice within research processes and criteria, Lucy is also leading the strategic creation of an MSA model for practice-based research and managing the School’s practice-based research outputs for REF2021.

Recently, Lucy established an innovative model for collaboration, with world-renowned industry partner URBED and the School of Architecture forming URBED+ as a vehicle for research, advocacy, education and public engagement in urban issues. Embedded within URBED+ is the new postgraduate MArch Atelier LULU Landscape & Urbanism which takes a multidisciplinary approach to combining research-led teaching with the practice experience of URBED.

Lucy has previously held a Senior Lectureship at The University of Huddersfield and a Teaching Fellowship with Professor Matthew Carmona at the Bartlett School of Planning. She has tutored architecture and urban design at Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. In 2013 she completed her PhD in Edinburgh. She has worked for architectural firms in London and Melbourne as well as freelance, on a wide variety of projects in terms of scale and covering retail, residential, regeneration and masterplanning.



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Theses and Dissertations

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