On 10th and 11th March 2022 we will be hosting our annual Open Review, where we invite professionals from across the world to review the studio projects of our final year Master of Architecture (MArch) and Masters of Landscape Architecture (MLA) students. We welcome practitioners to join us in-person or online, depending on your preference.

Our students will present their work-in-progress for critical discussion and we would like to invite thoughtful, creative and sympathetic practitioners to participate. There is no remuneration for taking part, but past experience suggest it will be a thought provoking, stimulating and interesting day, exploring ideas about the future of the city and our profession through ever-challenging work our students.

This will be an opportunity to: influence the next generation of designers; actively contribute towards the future of the school; feedback your knowledge and experience into the education system; think deeply about the position that architecture plays within contemporary society; discuss your attitudes towards the practice; see the breadth and quality of the work that is produced in the school; and network with other practitioners.

There will be about 250 students presenting at the Open Review, and you are invited to join one of 13 separate review sessions (12 MArch, 1 MLA). At each of these review sessions you will see a range of studio projects from two different ateliers, ensuring that you will see a range of work and ideas from across the school.

The event will start at 10am, and will most likely be finished by about 4:30pm. We will have a lunch break from 1-2, and for those of you joining in-person lunch will be provided.

We would be grateful if you could register your interest in participating for the whole day or part of it by completing this form:

Online Registration Form

Please contact Mark Hammond (Architecture/MArch) or Becky Sobell (Landscape Architecture/MLA) if you require further information.


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